Keynote & Spotlight

Melissa Dickson

Keynote Session
6 Ways to Wake Up The Brain That Trump Traditional Teaching

Day: 23-11-2020

Time: 9am


Say goodbye to boring, traditional teaching and adopt fresh, new ways to wake up your student’ brains and increase retention.  Melissa introduces six innovative strategies you can use tomorrow.  Planning multiple ways to differentiate your instruction to address engagement, representation, action and expression in your room just got easier!

Spotlight Session

Flexible Grouping:  The How, Why and What

Day: 30-11-2020

Time: 9am

Live Session

Learn exactly what flexible grouping is and how to make it work in your classroom.  Examine how to flexibly group students in multiple ways for a variety of purposes, including differentiating your instruction.  Find out how to maximize student potential through selective grouping.  You’ll participate in a variety of grouping methods that you can easily incorporate into your classroom immediately.


  • Examine the research behind flexible grouping.

  • Understand which grouping method to use based on your desired outcome.

  • Participate in a variety of easy-to-implement grouping patterns that could be incorporated daily to ensure that your grouping doesn’t become permanent, and thus ineffective.

Topics include:

  • Continuous and Ongoing Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom

  • Differentiated Instruction: Principles and Perspectives

  • Effective Lesson Planning for Differentiation

  • Management Strategies for Successful Differentiation

  • Student Engagement and Choice in the Classroom

  • Organizing Classrooms for Maximizing Student Success

  • Creating Supportive Learning Environments for Differentiation

  • Using Formative Assessment Techniques to Differentiate

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