Keynote & Spotlight

LeAnn Nickelsen


Keynote Session
Double the Speed of Learning: 4 Steps to Make Learning Stick!

Based on LeAnn & Melissa’s new book:  Teaching with the Instructional Cha-Chas:  4 Steps to Make Learning Stick.

Day:  23-11-2020

Time: 9am


Really?  Double the speed of learning if I use these four steps in my classroom?  Yes!  Research explains how much this one teaching process can change a classroom, a grade level or an entire school!  Students acquire a small CHunk of content based on standards, then they CHew or process this content in different, high-impact ways. While they are chewing, educators CHeck for understanding and CHange instruction (differentiate) as needed. LeAnn models and shares assessments, strategies, and tools that teachers can use the next day to make all of this super easy! Every dance step improves student engagement drastically!  You will receive an amazing packet and so many free resources.

Spotlight Session

Reaching the Reluctant Learner by Empowering Them: Student Self-Assessment

Day: 1-12-2020

Time: 9am

Live Session

What do our most reluctant learners look like and sound like?  Why have they “learned” this behavior?  One of the most engaging thinking processes that motivate the most reluctant learners is empowering them through student self-assessment.  It can have an amazing effect size of 1.44 according to John Hattie’s research.  In fact, by getting your students involved in their learning through student self-assessment, there could be 2.5 years of achievement/growth in one school year!  Now, that’s huge!  You will receive differentiated strategies and tools for student goal setting, reflection on their learning and behaviors, and specific ways to help them determine where they are with their daily learning goals.  You will love the ready-to-go tools that are high impact ways to differentiate.