Keynote & Spotlight

Lori Elliott


Keynote Session
Tips and Tools for Engaging Students in Effective Online Learning

Day: 23-11-2020

Time: 9am


Are you looking for some simple, but effective ways to use technology tools more effectively in your instruction? Lori will share her top 5 teaching tips for engaging students and differentiating instruction with the best and brightest technology tools available. Her practical approach to technology integration will fill your teacher toolbox with take and use ideas and easy to use technology tools.

Spotlight Session

Power Up Your Remote Teaching with Authentic Technology Integration!

Day: 30-11-2020

Time: 1pm

Live Session

Are you looking for ways to engage and empower your students through remote teaching? Are you ready to power up your instruction with authentic technology integration? Discover a practical framework and useful strategies for online instruction in this session. Learn effective remote teaching practices that address community building, differentiation, assessment, feedback, and student choice. Discover the best in webtools and technology resources to enhance your instruction. Leave equipped with ideas and tools for teaching and learning remotely.



  • Discover effective remote teaching practices and strategies

  • Identify the reasons for providing choice and authentic learning to differentiate instruction.

  • Understand the practical, step-by-step approach to remote teaching.

  • Identify the most effective technology tools and strategies for student engagement.


Topics include:

  • Student Engagement and Choice in the Classroom

  • Effective Integration of Technology Tools

  • Using Formative Assessment Techniques to Differentiate