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Jim Wagstaff
Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer
Noodle Factory, Singapore


Dr Jim Wagstaff has called Singapore home for nearly 20 years. He is an educator and entrepreneur whose practical experience, teaching practice, and research expertise centre on digital pedagogy–specifically, the application of AI in teaching and learning. In 2018, Jim co-founded Noodle Factory, an AI-powered teaching and learning platform designed to support differentiated instruction.

Jim earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Liverpool (UK). His ongoing research focuses on how educators can reliably and safely harness the power of digital capabilities to support teaching and learning.  Jim has also earned his post-doctoral diploma in academic practice in coordination with the Fellowship for Higher Education in the UK, where his current work includes action research related to the impact of generative AI in teaching and learning.

Through his work with Noodle Factory, Jim has the opportunity to work with teachers and instructors at all levels of education across many disciplines and faculties. Jim has advised and assisted dozens of secondary and tertiary educational institutions and educators in applying generative and conversational AI to teaching and learning. These include institutions and educators in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Jim is also currently involved in supporting the work of action researchers studying the impact of generative AI in teaching and learning at the University of London, Lusófona University (Portugal), and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore.

Bracing for Impact: Generative AI and Differentiated Instruction

Dr Jim Wagstaff’s expertise resides at the intersection of AI and education. In his keynote address entitled “Bracing for Impact: Generative AI and Differentiated Instruction”, Jim will share insights, real-world examples, and practical strategies when considering when, why, where, and how to harness Generative AI (GenAI) to further Differentiated Instruction (D.I.).

  1. The Potential of Generative AI: Consider GenAI’s potential impact on personalised learning experiences. Jim will share his experience in support of D.I. teaching practice and his expertise on AI's transformative role in the future of education.

  2. AI-Enhanced Differentiated Instruction: How does GenAI align with and advance the principles of D.I. Through the lens of three real-world examples of AI’s impact on teaching and learning, attendees will see first-hand how AI has the potential to enhance support for D.I., thereby enriching the educational journey for all learners.

  3. AI in Action – Practical Classroom Applications: Examine ground-breaking tangible applications of AI in classroom settings. Consider how can GenAI assist teachers in tailoring curriculum content, providing individualised feedback, and streamlining formative assessments.

  4. Navigating Challenges and Opportunities: Jim will provide a critical examination of GenAI's current and future roles in education by unpacking challenges such as equity, ethical considerations, safety, privacy, and bias prevention. This portion of the discussion will emphasise the importance of combining human pedagogical expertise with AI's analytical capabilities.

  5. Looking Ahead – The Future of AI-Empowered Education: The final part of this keynote will offer perspectives on the evolving landscape of AI in education. How might educators harness AI not just as a tool but as an “assistant” or “partner” in the journey toward more inclusive, effective, and innovative teaching practices?

Expert Workshop
AI-Empowered: Applying GenAI in Differentiated Instruction

“AI-Empowered: Applying GenAI in Differentiated Instruction" is a hands-on, action-learning workshop designed to expand on the exciting potential of generative AI (GenAI) and aims to reify the core concepts presented in Dr Jim Wagstaff’s keynote address. Participants will dive into the application of AI in Differentiated Instruction (D.I.), exploring the robust capabilities of AI to enhance teaching and learning.

This 3.5-hour workshop will guide educators through some of the key nuances of GenAI, equipping attendees with the skills they need to apply GenAI in their teaching practices.

A key area that attendees will explore is the crucial skill of Prompt Engineering to support teaching and learning. Application of this skill can raise the likelihood that AI tools will yield more reliable and specific outcomes, essential for addressing the varied needs of learners.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own devices (e.g. laptops or tablets) to interact with AI-assisted teaching tools, providing a tangible, interactive experience. This direct engagement will help to demystify the integration of AI in the classroom and showcase its practicality in real time.

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore relevant AI tools and will be given time to create AI-driven learning paths. Participants will also engage in role-playing exercises to experience AI as a collaborative classroom partner. In addition to hands-on activities, the workshop will foster critical discussions about the ethical implications of AI, addressing equity, privacy, safety, and bias prevention.

The workshop will culminate in a strategy development session, prompting educators to map out AI-enhanced learning environments and draft an AI roadmap for their educational contexts, providing a deeper understanding of AI’s potential in education and considerations on how these approaches might support D.I. in practice.

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