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Janelle McGann
McTighe & Associates Consulting, United States


Janelle McGann is a global educator with over thirty years’ experience in schools, both in the public and private sector in Australia, the US, Ireland and Asia. As a teacher, leader, consultant and lecturer, Janelle understands the demands of a changing educational landscape for teachers and leaders.

Janelle has a passionate interest in learning; supporting teachers and leaders in developing systems which nurture the human spirit of individuals and organisations and the students they serve. She has led organisational change, been involved the strategic leadership of teaching and learning, building capacity, stirring innovation and fostering engagement in the organisation she led. Her work with schools focuses on supporting teachers in their vital work as curriculum designers and instructional leaders; designing more effective curriculum and pedagogy for today and tomorrow and how technology supports teachers in designing and mapping curriculum.

Janelle has run workshops and institutes with teachers, leaders and students across Australia, New Zealand and Asia; she has taught at middle school, senior school and tertiary levels and is consulting with professional learning and technology organisations.

Working closely with Carol-Ann Tomlinson, Janelle is the Australian trainer for Tomlinson’s work in Differentiation. Janelle is also part of McTighe and Associates as a trainer with Jay McTighe’s Understanding by Design curriculum planning model and has developed a curriculum design model to help teachers plan for differentiation.

Celebrating Diversity - who's really coming to School?

Join us for this keynote presentation, where we celebrate diversity and explore who's really coming to our schools. In today’s diverse educational landscape, it is imperative to consider how we can transform our schools and classrooms into positive forces in the lives of all learners. This keynote will delve into the critical aspects of differentiation that can make a profound impact on the academic, social, and emotional growth of students.

Key Questions

  • How do we create classroom environments that honour and cultivate the diverse strengths, interests, and needs of each student?

  • What role can differentiation play in adapting instruction to address the evolving needs of learners across various subjects and over time?

  • In what ways can educators foster an inclusive and supportive culture that ensures every student feels valued and empowered within the classroom?


Through a combination of research-based insights and practical examples, our keynote speaker will examine the elements in effectively differentiated classrooms that make the greatest difference in helping more learners succeed more fully.


Let’s start with the learner.

Expert Workshop
Making Differentiation Doable through Planning Curriculum Design - what really matters?

As teachers, we design, plan and orchestrate learning, we are the architects of that learning for all students. We are faced with the pressures of overloaded curriculum documents and accountability requirements. At the same time students in our classrooms come with a broad range of academic readiness, interests and approaches to learning. Come and take a look at the powerful role a teacher plays as the architect of success in academically and culturally diverse classrooms. Discover step-by-step models to purposefully plan for differentiation of content, process and product. Come prepared to do some creative planning around what really matters.

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