Keynote & Spotlight

Charles Beaman

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Keynote Session
10 Things Every Educator Should Know about DI

Day: 23-11-2020

Time: 9am


We know a lot about the effectiveness of differentiated instruction today.  Yet, numerous questions exist about the nature, purpose, and intent of differentiated instruction.  In fact, many people remain confused about differentiation.  According to visible learning, the role of the teacher is to become more like the role of the student and the role of the student is to become more like the role of the teacher.  This is the simple goal of DI. Theory does not and cannot properly define differentiation. This presentation, however, proposes to outline 10 simple and surprising insights that every educator should understand about DI to simplify its application in the classroom.


This keynote addresses the following strand:

Differentiated Instruction: Principles and Perspectives

Spotlight Session

DI Alive!  Designing Differentiation to Energize and Motivate 21st Century Learners

Day: 30-11-2020

Time: 1030am

Live Session

Children come into the world with vivid and creative imaginations.  Then they enter the world of school. Their natural curiosity and excitement about learning new things collides with school structures that dampen their enthusiasm, kill their joy, and frequently turn them off to learning.  Can you imagine a place where their spirits soar, their curiosity blossom, and their imagination explode?  This presentation challenges participants to develop a growth mindset and set students free by designing energizing DI experiences.  Watch DI come alive! 



  • Examine pertinent research that relates to active engagement, differentiated Instruction, and effective instructional practices

  • Outline ways to adapt Elements of Effective Instruction to differentiated instruction

  • Provide participants with numerous, simple ways to motivate and engage students in learning that participants can begin using tomorrow.


This session addresses the following strand:

Student Engagement and Choice in the Classroom